Fifty shades of Dave (davywavy) wrote,
Fifty shades of Dave

The Grand Jeremy Corbyn Defenestration Sweepstake

Ladies and Gentlemen, roll up to enter the grand Jeremy Corbyn Defenestration Sweepstake! How long can Jeremy stay leader of the Labour party? How long before his own party fall upon him like a pack of wolves, or just say "Sod this for a game of soldiers", and leave?

The rules are simple:
1) Buy-in is £10
2) The Winner will be the person who most closely picks the date when either
i) Jeremy Corbyn ceases to be leader of the Labour party for any reason (forcibly removed, steps down, pushed out of a window by Tom Watson, etc)
ii) A schism within the party, where schism is defined as 10 or more incumbent MPs either quitting the party (important update: not simply shadow cabinet resignations) or otherwise resigning the whip.
3) (UPDATE 2) "Election" to be defined as UK general election unless otherwise specified.
4) Winner to be paid by all entrants via paypal, or similar method if they prefer, within 10 days of a result being announced.

Runners and riders are:

Me: 1/3/16
davedevil = 9/5/16
raggedyman = 14/2/16
whiskeylover = 30 days after the next election
vampyrefate - Entry TBA
Orange Peel - 25/5/17
Izzy - 31/3/16
Dave T - The day after the next election.

Any more for any more?
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