Fifty shades of Dave (davywavy) wrote,
Fifty shades of Dave

Books 2015

I set out with great intentions of reading a book a week in 2015 and was cracking along with it well until I had some bad news in September and haven't read much since, sadly.

Unknown author - the Kagero Nikkei
dean Koontz - The Good Guy
Bill Bryson - Down Under
Stephen Baxter - proxima
Eduard Dekker - max Havelaar, or Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company.
Marx & Engels - The Communist Manifesto
Terry pratchett - hogfather
David Baldacci - Hell's Corner
Neil Gaiman - the ocean at the end of the lane
Jeanette Winterson - the daylight gate
Ralph Summers - Thunderfire
Chris Kuzneski - the Einstein pursuit
Mark Kermode - the good, the bad and the Multiplex
Unknown author - the Saga of Gunnlaug serpent-tongue
Pu Songling - wailing ghosts
Oliver Postgate - seeing things
Johan Hebel - how a ghastly story was brought to light by a common or garden butchers dog.
Kenneth graham - The wind in the willows.
Erich Cline - 1177bc - The Year Civilisation collapsed.
Ill met by moonlight - w. Stanley moss
Ann Leckie - ancillary justice
Cavalier - Lucy Worsley
Bill Bryson - notes from a big country
Harry Harrison - Technicolour Time machine
Hilary Mantel - Wolf Hall
Terry Pratchett - The Last Continent
George MacDonald Fraser - Flashman and the Great Game
Terry Pratchett - Jingo
Boris Akunin - The death of Achilles
Bill Bryson - the life and times of the thunderbolt kid.
Stefan Spjut - Stallo
Phil Houston, Michael Floyd & Susan Carnicero - Get the Truth
Reza Negarestani - Cyclonopedia
Dylan Trigg - The Thing
TJ Bass - The Godwhale
John lindqvist - let the right one in.
Terry Pratchett - Sourcery
Terry Pratchett - Wyrd Sisters
Terry Pratchett - Reaper Man
Rowland White - Vulcan 607
Brian Stableford - Halcyon Drift
Joshua Chaplinsky - Kanye West, Reanimator.
Barry Cunliffe - The birth of Eurasia
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