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"First of all I should say that I agree with davy" - Norman Tebbit.

Back from the dead. One night only.

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Fifty shades of Dave
Apparently lots of people have 'friending policies'. I don't.

If you want friending, just ask and it shall happen. I like people friending me, but chances are I won't even notice that you have without your directly pointing it out. I rarely at the who has me friended list; firstly because I always forget because I'm often quite busy, and secondly because I have a perfectly good stalker who does it for me. I don't read my F-list every day either so if you make an important annoucement on LJ that you think I should see, assume I won't see it. It's safer that way.

If you don't post anything worth reading for six months, I'll hoof you off my friends list in order to do my bit for bandwidth conservation. Nothing personal, and if you start posting interesting stuff again, please let me know so as I can add you again.
That is all.

David's LJ is copyright (c) 2002 - 2016. Stop ripping me off.

At an early age, our hero was placed in the custody of a group of scientists by his father who had great plans for his son. Davy studied under great masters of all disciplines of science: medicine, chemistry, electricity, engineering, archaeology, and others. He also developed his body as well as his mind by studying the martial arts and other hand to hand combat skills. He became fluent in numerous languages, an expert at ventriloquism, and a marksman with all types of weapons.
Davy is a huge man. Six feet eight inches tall, he weighs 270 pounds, a physique he maintains by performing a 2 hour routine of exercises each day. These exercises consist of pitting one muscle against another. At the same time, he is exercising his mind by performing complex mathematical calculations in his head. He also develops his other senses with the use of apparatus of his own design.

David likes people adding him as a friend, please feel free. If you read me, please drop me a message to say hello. If you would like to give David a present, he always likes to receive large bags full of used banknotes, no questions asked. However, David is not very good at adding people back. This is due more to lazines than rudeness, but the two are often indistinguishable. If you are upset at not being added back, please point this out before posting something snotty and going off in a huff.

"He has the art of acknowledging his vanity with so much humour that it sets him above the contempt which is due to vanity and self-opinion, and at the same time half-persuades those who hear him that he really deserves the exaltation that he gives himself."
Samual Richardson; "Clarissa"

"But the tools of skepticism are generally unavailable to the citizens of our society. They're hardly ever mentioned in the schools, even in the presentation of science, its most ardent practitioner, although skepticism repeatedly sprouts spontaneously out of the disappointments of everyday life. Our politics, economics, advertising, and religions (New Age and Old) are awash in credulity. Those who have something to sell, those who wish to influence public opinion, those in power, a skeptic might suggest, have a vested interest in discouraging skepticism."
Carl Sagan

"His popularity as a comic cad was ensured by his ultimate ineptitude and underlying innocence."



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